Music Encoding Conference, 2017

Preconference day - Tuesday 16 May                    

9:00-9:30                 ACCUEIL
09:30-17:30 — Andrew Hankinson, Laurent Pugin – Community development practices for MEI and Verovio

> One break morning at 11:00 – one break afternoon at 15:30

12:00-13:30              LUNCH

13:30-17:30 Perry Roland – MEI Introductory Workshop

18:00-21:00 Benoist Pierre Welcome at the CESR

Conference day 1 - Wenesday 17 May                    

09:00-09:10 Philippe Rigaux, Richard Chesser – Introduction

09:10-09:30 Vendrix Philippe (President of the University of Tours) – Ouverture
09:30-10:15 Elaine Chew – Keynote 1 – Time and the Limits of Music Notation.

10:15-10:45             BREAK           

10:45-11:15 David Lewis, Kevin Page, Andrew Hankinson – Capturing context and provenance of musicology research

11:15-11:45 Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Gabriel Vigliensoni, Ichiro Fujinaga – A unified approach towards automatic recognition of heterogeneous music documents

11:45-12:15 Reinier de Valk, Marnix van Berchum, Peter van Kranenburg – Music encoding, formats, and data sustainability
12:15-12:45 Johannes Kepper, Maja Hartwig, Kristina Richts, Perry Roland – Relating Content: How MEI, EMA and FRBR can be used to trace compositional processes across works

12:45-13:45            LUNCH

13:45-14:15 Martha Eladia Thomae EliasKaren Desmond – A Methodology for Encoding Mensural Music: Introducing the Mensural MEI Translator
14:15-14:45 Anna Plaksin, Jacob Olley – Creating an Encoding Workflow for a Critical Edition of Ottoman Music Manuscripts: Challenges and Solutions
14:45-15:15 Jelmer van Nuss, Geert-Jan Giezeman, Frans Wiering – Searching musical incipits by means of sequence alignment

15:15-15:45            BREAK  

15:45-16:15 Andrew Hankinson, Ichiro Fujinaga – Intergrating the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) with MEI
16:15-16:45 Tim Crawford, David Lewis – Early modern cover song detection: finding concordances in mixed-notation corpora of early music

16:45-17:15            BREAK               

17:15-17:45 Jan-Peter Voigt – Creating an Import/Export Infrastructure for GNU LilyPond
17:45-18:15 Daniel Harasim, Fabian Moss, Markus Neuwirth, Martin Rohrmeier – Beethoven's String Quartets: Introducing an XML-Based Corpus of Harmonic Labels Using a New Annotation System

Conference day 2 - Thursday 18 May                    

09:00-09:30 David Lewis, Kevin Page, David Weigl, Richard Lewis – Music and Drama: linking libretti and scores
09:30-10:00 Claire Arthur, Nathaniel Condit-Schultz, Craig Sapp – MEI, Humdrum, and music 21: A comparison of music encoding systems and toolkits

10:00-10:30           BREAK  

10:30-11:00  Urs Liska – Advanced Data Management with LilyPond – Creating a Powerful Infrastructure to Manage a Complete Edition Set
11:00-11:30 Craig Stuart Sapp – Verovio Humdrum Viewer

11:30                    BREAK             
11:30-13:00          POSTER SESSION


Richard Freedman
MEI as Quotable Text

Elisa Novara, Susanne Cox, Joachim Veit
Encoding musical variants in MEI. A survey of the first module of “Beethovens Werkstatt

Kristin Herold, Maja Hartwig, Daniel Röwenstrunk, Peter Stadler  
Moves like swagger - look into my API and you'll own me

Emiliano Ricciardi
Tasso in Music Project: New Features and Analytical Tools

Nico Schüler
The Development of Computing Technology and Its Influence on Music-Analytical Methods and Encoding: 1940s through 1980s

Norbert Dubowy, Felix Gründer and Franz Kelnreiter
The Digital Mozart Edition as a digital music edition

Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, David Rizo, Jose M. Iñesta, Ichiro Fujinaga 
About agnostic representation of musical documents for Optical Music Recognition

Rodolfo Zitellini
Typesetting Basso Continuo figures with MEI and Verovio

Xuanli Chen, Yu-Hui Huang, Serafina Beck, Radu Timofte, David Burn, Luc Van Gool
TAMIR: a toolbox for recognition and transcription of music manuscripts in mensural notation

Vincent Besson, Mickael Boulas, Marco Gurrieri, Valerie Jouet
Linking the Omeka CMS and MEI viewers: TiKiT®MUSICA

Sylvaine Leblond Martin, Nidaa Abou Mrad, Karim Elloumi, Talar Atechian, Josée April
Music encoding as a theoretical approach for research

Anna Plaksin
Computer-assisted stemmatic analysis of mensural mass music

Daniel Ross
Record / Analyse / Generate / Perform

Klaus Rettinghaus
MEILER – creating beautifully engraved notation for print from MEI data on the fly

Emilio Grazzi
Typographers typedesigners and punchcutters involved in music publishing and their legacy in digital score production


13:00-14:00          LUNCH               

14:00-15:00         ROUND TABLE
                    Johannes Sturm, Alice Tacaille, Chao Du, Weiping Wang, Vincent Boucheau, François Picard – Encoding and Researching Chinese Music

15:00-15:30         BREAK               

15:30-16:00 Marcin Konik – Database of Polish 17th and 18th century songbooks - case study
16:00-16:30 Jane Ellen Harrison, Daniel Shanahan – Introducing a corpus of French compositions for exploring social interaction and musical change

16:30-17:00         BREAK           
17:00 -17:15        Board / MEC 2018    

17:15-18:00 Joachim Veit – Keynote 2 – Music Encoding as Initiative and Inspiration: a vision through the eyes of a traditional editor
19:00-23:00        DINNER     

Un-Conference day – Friday 19 May                    

9:00 - 10.30        Community meeting

10.30- 11.00        BREAK

10.30-16:00        Self-organised activities running in parallel (eg opportunities for Special Interest Groups to meet)
16:00-17:00        Meeting to report back


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